About the Band

ICEFIRE... From the Bowels of Birmingham. Forged together in late 2014 and have since recorded and released the bands debut album,"The Nature of evil"
and have gigged through out 2015 & 2016. and have since wrote and recorded the new album "The Torment of the Damned" released in February 2018.......  The group has come full circle after playing in various bands dating back to the 1980s. Icefire sees Nigel (Bass) and Dave (Guitar) together again after both being in Scarab (nwobhm) so you will be getting a lot of history from a new band.
Deborah Ruth Woodward - Vocalist


Debz had been working on a solo project before forming the Icefire name and initially got the band together. At the end of 2014, Debz came over to the dark side after playing in covers bands and has been a  gem hidden from the world of Rock/Metal.


Musical influences: Kate Bush, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Stevie Wonder, Phil Lynott, AC/DC, Pink Floyd and the Beatles.



Nigel Shaw-Bass
We now welcome Nige on Bass whose previouse bands include 
Strontium Dog,Missfire,Scarab and more recently SeriaMau
Nige uses Ashdown amps which pumps out his trusty Fender Precision , Nigel is Influenced by too many to mention !



Dave (1).jpg
Dave Paz - Guitar


Dave was guitarist with former bands which included Scarab and Nightblade. Dave plays Gibson guitars and a VPR Flying V he also uses Marshall Artillery fired by a Ibanez tube screamer!!


Musical influences include Ken Dodd, Laurel and Hardy, The Wurzels, Steptoe & Son, Reg Varney and

Mr Tilt and Mr Ray. ...

Dave says "Now with Nigel and Will on board this is the best line up we have had" !!




Will Brotherhood Drums..
has played in Disciples of Sin, Ronnies Bullet, Crossbreed, Sunset Rose and with many other musicians in various projects. Musician who Influenced me are Tommy Aldridge, Randy Castillo, Deen Castronovo and Mike Portnoy. Musical influences Deep Purple, Dokken, Spinal Tap, Ozzy, Dio, Alter Bridge, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and many many more.