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Here is a review from "slap" magazine 

New Release Icefire|“The Torment of the Damned” You know how ‘difficult’ that second album is supposed to be? Do you experiment? Do you produce a mirror image of your first album to keep the fans happy? A bit more radio friendly, perhaps? Decisions, decisions… Tamworth/Birmingham based metallers Icefire don’t seem to have got the memo on this one, instead they’ve simply gone ahead and produced the superb “The Torment of the Damned” which not only embeds the values laid down in their debut album “The Nature of Evil” but strongly reinforces their credentials in the crowded pool that is Midlands metal. This is no-nonsense music making at its best, with opener ‘Icefire’ grabbing your attention right from the off with thunderous clarity - its galloping beat laid down expertly by Nigel Shaw’s lively bass, which is one of the many recurring strengths of this album and new member Emerson Todd’s precision drumming. He’s one of three sticksmen used on the album, as the band went through a period of transition, and it’s a testament to the skill of all three and the band’s ensemble direction of travel that they’re all seamlessly and effectively integrated into the sound. The pace is abruptly dropped for ‘Crossing the Line’ with a relentless, chugging riff so dirty you want to wipe its face with a washcloth, supplied by guitarist, Dave Parrish who cut his metal teeth in prominent NWOBHM outfits, Scarab and Nightblade. His playing throughout is a joy, a masterclass in not only power but also economy - his lovely, fluent soloing never outstaying its welcome. His chiming solo in ‘Photograph’, the only out and out ballad on the album, is particularly fine. And over the top of this glorious racket, there’s Deborah Woodward’s remarkable voice, by turns smooth and crystal clear, then with a distinctly gritty edge, rasping out the lyrics with considerable force particularly on ‘Dead of Night’, a live favourite, honed to perfection onstage and which thanks to the spectacular production job by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios doesn’t lose its impact translated to disc. The whole of this perfectly judged album has unfolded like a book, a huge leather bound, metal studded book, so it’s no surprise when the final chapter produces a powerful and devastating conclusion - ‘Lord of the Dance’, long, complex and with a tour de force vocal performance from Woodward is the perfect end to a near immaculate body of work. Now tell me again how ‘difficult’ that second album is… www.icefiretheband.com “The Torment of the Damned” with graphics and artwork by Wolven Claws is released in mid-February. Geoffrey Head






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