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"Like what I'm hearin' via YouTube - Grim Reaper meets early Iron Maiden!" - Don Prack

"It’s always a pleasure to see a band who are clearly comfortable in their own skins and Icefire certainly made light work of making their hard rocking presence felt. There is without doubt, a wealth of experience in Icefire with a familiar face or two to be seen in their current line up but it was also good to see the newest member of the band, Will Brotherhood seated at the drums and making the next chapter for the band seem very bright indeed." - Sue Wardle. 

"Even though it's wonderful watching the ever increasing crop of young musicians making great sounds, there's also an undeniable pleasure watching a seasoned group of artists 'd'un certain age' expertly strutting their stuff onstage.

This is my first time watching Icefire and they really are impressive. They may have one foot firmly planted in traditional Metal but their gaze takes them equally firmly into the future. The mix of time signatures and the dynamics of some of the songs preclude familiarity or boredom - the pattern is constantly shifting.

In the engine room, Nigel Shaw uses his vast experience to lay down his lines with immense smoothness and precision and with a lovely crisp pop. The racket he and the drummer Will Brotherhood kick up in "Illicit" is truly formidable. Over this rock solid backdrop Dave Parrish gives an object lesson in Rock guitar - memorable riffs, crunching rhythm work and fluent soloing both conventionally and with a lovely, economical bidextral technique.

Deborah Woodward is a primary school teacher in real life and if we'd had teachers with her charisma when I was a littl'un, I might have paid a bit more attention in lessons. She's an impressive frontwoman, with a flexible and sometimes jawdropping delivery. Her breathing, seemingly unimpaired by her basque, allows for some extraordinary sustain in several passages - one note in particular, held for two or three long bars leaves me shaking my head in disbelief. A very fine voice indeed.


She, and the band, are at their best during "Drink Me In" from their hugely enjoyable CD, 'The Nature of Evil'. For me, it's the undoubted highlight of the set, dark and foreboding passages combine with a relentless, chugging rhythm and sudden snaps of energy - great track - but really the standard is so high, you could pick any one of half a dozen songs as your favourite. Go and see this band as soon as you can - they're a top quality band and exceptionally entertaining." - Geoffrey Head